How to wash sheepskin rugs?


A sheepskin rug can look beautiful when it is bought for the first time, but once it is used people may notice several things upon it. It may get dirty after several uses. So it is better to wash with great care. It must be noted that there are significant ways to wash a rug. It must be strictly followed by the people so that they can be used for a long time.  If the rug is well maintained then it can obviously provide a smart look to the house.

Washing the rugs with high-quality detergent powders:

The first step to clean the rug is to clean it in lukewarm water with high-quality detergent powders. Sometimes, mild clothing detergent powders can also be applied for cleaning the rugs. It is also better to avoid detergents that contain enzymes or bleach. It may hamper the rug to a good extent. Mix the detergent in the water and dip the rug. Keep it for some time and then wash it under cold water. It will be noticed that the rug is shining and looking bright.

Putting the rug on the tub and swishing it for 5 minutes:

On the other side, there is another option for cleaning the rug. One can submerge the rug fully inside the water and then swish it in a circular motion for five minutes under the water. After completing 5 minutes the user will soon notice that the dirt particles and debris are lying under the water. Keep it out from the dirty water and wash it in fresh water. The user can soon notice the difference. So with a little effort, the rugs can be cleaned in a perfect manner. In this case, it is also important to see that good quality detergent powders are applied.

Rinsing the sheepskin rug with cool water:

Yet, another advanced way of cleaning the rug is to rinse the rug in soapy water. Now drain the bathtub and also squeeze the extra soapy water from the rug. Rinse it twice with cold water to carry out the same process. Once this process is finished, try to lay it under the sun. Let it dry naturally. If some artificial mode is applied, then the rug may get damaged. It can take about 24 hours to dry completely. Dryers can be harmful to drying the rugs. So it is better to avoid it as much as possible.  If the rug is still wet then one can rub the rug with a wire brush. It has metallic bristles that help to dry up the rug easily.

So the above –mentioned tips for cleaning the rugs are quite essential and helpful at the same time. When the rugs are being used the people must also know the actual steps to keep it clean and fresh. Sheepskin rugs are a very beautiful item that can not only make the room beautiful but can also help to keep it clean and fresh. So the tips to keep it clean must always be kept in mind.