Distinctive types of fire extinguishers


A fire extinguisher is the only device that can easily handle any types of fire. Sometimes the situation becomes so worse that it becomes quite tough for the extinguisher to handle the situation. Fire usually comes in various forms. Some are large and some come in small forms. It is basically a lifesaving device that can help to control fire at any place and at any situation. Whatever is the matter, but the role of extinguishers is really immense in all aspects. There are various types of extinguishers available.

Water extinguishers:

They are perhaps the most vital type of extinguishers available in the market. They are classic models, and they mainly dispense water at high speed to control the fire. These types of extinguishers are only suitable for Class A fires that simply indicate they are suitable for handling fires that involve wood, paper, plastics, cloth, coal and similar types of materials. They are available in red color devices.

Powder extinguishers:

The powder extinguishers are also very vital types of extinguishers that are available in the present time. The powder usually contains a thermal blast that easily cools the flame and does not allow the burning for a long tenure. They can also fight away electrical fires very easily. However, such extinguishers are not suitable to be applied to domestic chips or fat pan fires.

Foam extinguishers:

They are primarily water-based and mainly contain foaming agents.  It makes the flame smooth and also seals vapor so that there is less chance of re-ignition. There are some special techniques that should be applied while handling foam extinguishers. Foam extinguishers are less harmful than water extinguishers. They do not directly affect electrical appliances. There is also a good demand for foam extinguishers.

Carbon dioxide extinguishers:

It is also the most important types of extinguishers. They have distinctive types of hose. It is always advised to carbon dioxide extinguishers that are equipped with host-free horns on the hose. It is important in the sense that the horn may become frozen due to the discharge of the gas.

Wet Chemical extinguishers:

On the other hand, wet chemical extinguishers are also very vital types of extinguishers available in the market. They usually have extended applicators. They are very effective in handling a fire that has a high temperature. For example, they can handle fires that are emitted from cooking oils and fats. The best way to handle such extinguishers is to spray them in slow and circular motions.

Apart from all this, there are other types of extinguishers that are just too good and helpful. They also hold great capacity and volume to handle any type of fire situation. In most of the cases, it is always advised to check the instructor’s points that are embodied on the body of the extinguisher. Always go through it and it will help to handle the situation very easily. Fire is a dangerous item if not controlled in actual time. So the use of extinguishers is mandatory in every case.