Health risks of meth contamination

Have you moved to a new house, but really don’t feel well? Do you feel sick all the time you are at home or sometimes, even when you are outdoors? The thought might have crossed your mind that it may happen to be a sick house. But is it another ordinary sick house that is affected by mold, damp, bad lighting, etc. or is there something else at play – something more serious? The thought, too, is sickening enough!

But this isn’t some paranoia and don’t let people make you believe that you are over-cautious. There, indeed, may be something much more harmful than mold or moisture that’s affecting you and your family and given the recent situation, chances are that you are faced with meth contamination.

Meth – in your house?

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about meth or any other drug is how is it possible that your house is contaminated with it? You don’t smoke, nor do the other family members. But what you forget that someone else lived in the house before you, unless of course, you buy a brand new property. It could be any of the earlier tenants or owners who smoked or manufactured meth and that stayed in the property, coming back to haunt you as you live there.

Believe it or not, meth can indeed contaminate a property very badly, depending on how much meth was smoked or prepared and for how long and studies have found that most houses that were reported of meth contamination had meth and other harmful substances several times more than the level permitted by the local or national health authorities and dwelling in such houses can pose serious health risks, both short-term, and long-term.

Concerns that you may face

If you are an adult, the effect of meth will be slow on you and will generally start with nausea, irritation in the eye, headaches, etc. With more time, you start experiencing problems like itching on the skin and in the throat, short breaths, asthmatic feeling, appetite loss, concentration issues, dry eyes, sinus, paranoia, cold, nervousness, anxiety and a lot more. The vapors of meth concentrated on furnishings, furniture, etc. may get into your lungs and start affecting them. You will feel sick and unable to carry out your daily duties all the time.

If you have kids in your family, remember that they are more vulnerable. The younger they are, the more affected will they be.  Babies who often roll or crawl on the floor are sure to gather more of methamphetamine than others. Behavioral changes as well as inability to sleep well are the most common symptoms in children. Children may also face problems like loss of attention, anxiousness, etc. if continuously exposed to meth. In fact, doctors believe that children living in meth-contaminated houses face equal risks as those consuming meth directly.

Moreover, meth from your surroundings gradually get into your system and long exposures to meth contamination will end you up testing positive for methamphetamine, the consequences of which aren’t often pleasant.