Antique store opens in Fort Gratiot

After 20 years of marriage, Melissa and Tony Reynolds finally went after their life-long dream: opening an antique shop.

The two, of Burtchville Township, were married when they were 19-years-old and their personal antique collection has continued to grow since then.

A little over a month ago their ideal store location became available along Lakeshore Road in Fort Gratiot.

“We’re right along Lakeshore Road and near the water, which is what we were looking for,” said Melissa Reynolds, Rusty Bucket Antiques co-owner. “Now you can go from Marine City up to Lexington with no break in the antique trail.”

Their grand opening was during the Yard Sale Trail weekend. They got the keys to the 2,000-square-foot store 5985 Lakeshore Road just a month before the event. No work on the building was required before opening, so the duo quickly stocked the store to ready it for the busy weekend. Previously the store was a photography studio and before that, a salon.

Reynolds said having a winding trail of antique shops is a great way to pull tourists through each little town.

The shop has a variety of reasonably-priced items from large furniture pieces such as tables and desks to smaller décor items such as vintage typewriters and kitchen items.

A few highlighted items include a library table made in Detroit between the 1900 and 1950. The table at one time was home to an old library card catalog.

Another local item hails from a Detroit church – a large wall-sized cabinet built in the 1900s.


“I had a vintage vanity growing up and always decorated with vintage items,” Melissa Reynolds, 39, said.

Melissa’s love for antiques began as a child when she would follow her mom on antique-hunting adventures.

“I just remember waking up early, planning out our day and circling garage sale in the newspaper,” she said. “Everywhere we went, on vacation, visiting family, anywhere, if my mom saw an antique store along the way, we would go.”

Tony Reynolds has always loved classic cars and vintage tin toys, but his love for antiques escalated when he met Melissa.

“She falls in love with everything,” he said. “And I love everything too, but really I like to look at the mechanics of how things were built compared to now.”

Tony Reynolds and their son, Kyle, 18, love spending time in the garage working on their classic 1947 Jeep Willys and 1964 Buick Skylark.

Recently Tony and Melissa took a trip up Route M-1 along the east coast of the country, stopping at all the small, old towns and peeking into every little antique shop they found.

Every week, Rusty Bucket Antiques will fill with new items they have found through their 20 years of antique adventures and collecting.

“We want our shop to be a fun spot for families who camp, have cottages and vacation in the area to stop back in every year,” Melissa Reynolds said. “We will be getting general store candies (soon).”

And if customers stop in on the weekend they will be treated to free coffee and donuts to enjoy while they browse.

Rusty Bucket Antiques will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. For more information go to

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7-year-old girl sets up fundraising stall outside nan’s butchers for boy with rare cancer

KIND-hearted Daisy Mae Haycock set her stall out early to raise money to help “Make Kyle Smile.”

The seven-year-old decided to fundraise for Kyle Buckley who is suffering from a rare muscle cancer and organised a table top sale which raise £200.

She set up the stall outside Morris’s butchers in Market Street, Farnworth, where her Nanny Jannie — Janet Fallows — works, and was ready for business at 7.30am.

Mrs Fallows said:”My daughter Michelle is a friend of Kyle’s mum and Daisy Mae wanted to help.

Marklin “Amerika” Steams to a Record $271,400

Bertoia Auctions, Vineland, New Jersey

Photos courtesy Bertoia Auctions

An enthusiastic, rollicking crowd convened at Bertoia Auctions’ Toy Shoppe sale on May 20 and 21. They helped pull off, in Jeanne Bertoia’s words and in racetrack parlance, a trifecta. The $1.4 million run at the Vineland, New Jersey, auction house made it three consecutive million-dollar-plus auctions: the March Select Toys Sale, April’s Jerry and Nina Greene’s trains and accessories sale, and the Toy Shoppe sale.

The more than 1300 lots included banks, comic/character toys, transport, construction, and utility toys in pressed steel, cast iron, tinplate, and wood, penny toys, holiday toys, and all the trimmings. Countless treasures bore the pedigree of such legendary collectors as Lillian Gottschalk, Barney Barenholtz, Richard Keats, Bill Bertoia, Don Kaufman, and Max Berry.

The odds-on favorite was the ocean liner Amerika by Gebrüder Märklin that had been found in a midwestern attic and was remarkably preserved; the early 1900s four-stack liner is nearly faultless and spans 38″. Intense, aggressive bidding ensued in the gallery between a stateside collector and the agent for a noted Märklin aficionado from Europe. At a record $271,400 (includes buyer’s premium), the European prevailed.

– See more at:

This Märklin Amerika ocean liner, early 1900s, 38″ long, a recent attic find, reached a new high for nauticals at $271,400.

Nearly as jaw-dropping was the price for a painted tinplate floor train set by Francis, Field and Francis, the earliest U.S. toy in the auction. It was a splendid stencil-painted tinplate train set from the early 1870s with a 10″ engine with tender and two coaches, each 6¾” long. It mesmerized bidders to $64,900, more than double the estimate.

This sale marked a return engagement for Jay Schoedinger of Columbus, Ohio, a consignor of light pressed steel toys. Part I of his collection had been eagerly vied for in Bertoia’s March auction. “Jay’s toys would be an upgrade for almost anyone’s collection,” observed Rich Bertoia. Brawny delivery trucks and vans emblazoned with the logos of mercantile giants of the 1930s and 1940s were a high priority. Especially noteworthy was a Buddy “L” dairy transport truck, No. 857, a 25″ long boxed example, that sold for $2950.

A Borden’s milk delivery van by Rich Toys, wood and tin, with glass milk bottles, 16″ long, sold for $2124. No matter how you slice it, the exceptional graphics on the side panels of a First Prize truck (Albany Packing Co.) added to its allure. It was 13″ long and sold for $4130. Unbelievably immaculate, a U.S. mail truck, 1920s, 26″ long, delivered at $4720.

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Painted tinplate train set, Francis, Field & Francis, early 1870s, ribbon design boiler, 10″ long engine and tender, and two coaches, each 6¾”, $64,900. – See more at:

Fulton side-wheeler ferry boat, Althof, Bergmann & Co., 1880s, with condition flaws, $17,700 (est. $16,000/20,000).

As the options for buying all-original, top-condition pressed steel toys diminish, diehard pressed steel devotees are begrudgingly beginning to show more interest in contemporary and completely restored examples. Take a custom Buddy “L” Harley Davidson truck, a recent Les-Paul creation, for example. At 25″ long, it brought $708. Cataloged as a fully professionally restored and custom re-creation, a Steelcraft Mobiloil truck, 23½” long, made $413.

A marvelous private selection of Santa Claus figures and other holiday celebrities highlighted Bertoia’s November 2015 outing. Some 130 candy containers, displays, sleighs, wicker autos, belsnickels, and Dresdens again made spirits bright at the May sale. Santa even appeared riding a horse on a platform pull toy. At 13″ high, it sold for $826. Fanciful in form, a nodding Santa walking with a cane on a wheeled platform had blue glass eyes and was 20½” tall. It was at the top of most wish lists at $16,520.

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Police Patrol, Marx, boxed, 1930s, lithographed tin windup, 10″ long, $5605 (est. $700/1000). – See more at:

This was the first auction outing in years for this toy. The F. Martin boy roller skater, early 1900s, hand-painted tin, 8½” high, made $16,520. When a toy reference book extols its allure, a category invariably receives a bump in media exposure and collector interest. Fernand Martin, Toymaker in Paris: 1878-1912 (2016) by Lourens Bas and J. Arthur Verdoorn offers a fresh look at Martin’s oeuvre. It includes hundreds of full-color images and a DVD of the bonshommes in action.

Richly hand-painted Märklin ocean liners, battleships, and paddle-wheelers from the golden years of the early 1900s are in a class of their own in the toy hierarchy. Many specialists hold the opinion that these majestic floating palaces push the classification as a toy to the extreme. Produced as luxury toys and marketed in limited editions to the British and U.S. markets, they were priced at an equivalent of about one month’s pay for the average worker. Accurately scaled and equipped with powerful clockwork engines, they could navigate streams, lakes, and ponds for as long as 40 minutes.

This writer recalls covering a Sotheby’s Collectors’ Carrousel auction in June 1983 when a Märklin Lusitania ocean liner cruised to a then record price of $28,600. We naively assumed that this record was so unassailable that it would hold up for some time. We hesitate to estimate how many times that figure has been surpassed. Fast-forward to 2012 when the Märklin steam-powered paddle-wheelers Chicago and Providence sold for $264,500 and $247,250 respectively at Bertoia’s auctions of ships and boats

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from Dick Claus. And last year Märklin’s Auguste Victoria, which at 42″ is the largest Märklin ship made, surged to $230,000 at Auktionhaus Hohenstein; it was ex-Märklin Museum, Göppingen, Germany. As Israel Sack often expounded, “With masterpieces, there is no limit.”

For more information, call (856) 692-1881 or check the website (

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Boxer Rebellion Chinese blanket tossers, Lehmann, 1900, possibly Lehmann’s rarest, yellow base variant, $18,880. – See more at:

Deluxe Carette limousine with chauffeur, circa 1910, largest in Carette series at 16″ long, $12,980. – See more at:

Nodding Santa with cane, wheeled platform toy, Germany, composition, papier-mâché, 20½” high, $16,520. Originally published in the September 2016 issue of Maine Antique Digest. © 2016 Maine Antique Digest – See more at:


A Detailed Guide to Types of Diggers and Their Uses

Diggers are of great use when it comes to construction and mining work. But the thing is that there are many types of a digger that is available out there. Each of these diggers is meant for a particular purpose. Before you hire a digger it is important for you to know about the different types and their uses. That’s because the choice of your digger depends on a number of factors that you need to consider while hiring one of them. To help you out we have listed the different types of digger hire that you need to know about.

Different Types Of Diggers And Their Uses

As already mentioned above diggers are of many types and each of them serves a specific purpose. For your knowledge here are the main types of diggers that you need to know about.

  1. Excavators: This is perhaps one of the most common types of digger machines that you will come across. This is a type of digger that comes with a single arm fitted over its front end and a boom and sticks along with a bucket in the back end. The cab sitting is found on top of the revolving platform. The wheels of an excavator come with tracks that provide easy movement to it. This is the type of digger that is used for a variety of purposes such as digging landscapes, demolition, and Excavators are also known to come in different sizes. The bigger ones are used in the mining industry whereas the smaller ones are used in industries with limited spaces.


  1. Backhoe Loader: This is the type of diggers that has been in use since the 50s. It has a tractor body along with a bucket attached in the front. It also comes with a backhoe. The bucket is used for digging and loading whereas the backhoe is used for carrying. These machines are usually very versatile and have a compact size. The best thing about these diggers is that they can also be driven easily on the roads. These machines are sued in various sites as a cost-effective solution.


  1. Bulldozers: This is the type of digger machine that was developed by improving the farm tractor. Bulldozers are mainly used at the construction site projects especially in road constructions and in the mining Bulldozers are known to come with huge steel blades that are mounted in the front end. The blades can be of various sizes which are mainly used to break through tough surfaces. The best things about this type of machine are that it can be easily navigated even over rough terrain surfaces without any hassles at all.


  1. Load All: This is also known as telescopic handlers and they are mainly found at agricultural and construction domains. These machines are very compact and also versatile. The machines come along with an extended arms or booms carrying forklift attachments. You can use grapple; shovel and bale lift attachments with these diggers.

So these are some of the main types of diggers that are put to use. Depending on your need you can hire any of the above types.

Types of garage storage solutions that you can choose from


A garage is no longer space where you park your car or any other vehicle. Int, in the recent times when the real estate prices are too high and space crunch is a common problem that most people face, the garage is used as a storage place as well. But that doesn’t in any way mean that its actual utility will have to be compromised with. With efficient garage storage solutions, you can use your garage to park your vehicle and store necessary things as well.

Modern day storage solutions allow for maximization and efficient management of space so that families can live comfortably even if they do not have a large house. With more and more people being forced to live in tiny apartments, these solutions are in fact a boon of the modern times. All that you need to do is choose the ideal storage system and you can get them installed in your garage and use it as your storehouse as well.

Garage storage systems that are commonly used

If you research well, you will come across a number of storage systems that can be installed in your garage for space maximization. However, the choice of the storage system will entirely depend on the size of your garage, what you want to store and so on. Let’s take a look at the various garage storage solutions that are available:

Cabinets – Like any other room in your house or apartment, cabinets can be installed in your garage as well. They come in different sizes, designs, and load carrying capacity and can be efficiently used to store light to heavy items as per your needs. However, make sure that any product you choose should be of good quality.

Shelves – Shelves are a good option for your garage if you have to store things that you tend to use very often. Naturally, keeping them organized in shelves can help you take them out and put them away at your will with no added effort. However, it must be kept in mind that shelves aren’t often covered and you may have to clean things regularly.

Overhead storage – If your garage is not that big and there isn’t enough floor space available that you can use to put in shelves and cabinets, then this would be amongst the best garage storage solutions. You can easily utilize the ceiling or wall area to install overhead racks that you can use to store a variety of items. The storage units may be open or covered and are generally useful if you want to store away things that aren’t frequently used.

Racks – If you are planning to store several units of a specific type of item only, then the best option for you would be to buy specialty storage racks. These racks are customized for storing particular items only and are good for storing items like sports balls, golfing essentials, ski equipment and so on.

Pegboards – If you desire to store light items like tools, etc. you can easily install pegboards that are easy to install and offers quick access.

Professional 3D printing services satisfy clients in Auckland


Many business people and professionals in different sectors throughout the world these days are visible online by various services. They are happy to make use of the three dimensional printing services and promote their profession further than what they have planned.  They use the most modern 3D printer and invest in professional services of 3D printing Auckland according to their business development requirements. They discuss with experts in this competitive sector and get an overview about how to use the 3D printing service as efficient as possible.

Shine in your business niche

Every business person likes to make their business number one in the business niche. They can fulfil this desire when they make use of a wide range of professional services such as 3D printing.  Dedicated staff members of reputable companies with a specialization in 3D printing nowadays listen to overall requirement of their clients. They provide the custom-made service at the most competitive price and make their clients satisfied with the prompt support for promoting the business.

If you like to transform different aspects of the manufacturing and distribution of goods in your industry, then you can use the 3D printing Auckland hereafter confidently. This is because three dimensional printing services assist you make your business renowned and satisfy all your clients.  There are more than a few methods of 3D printing at this time. However, the most common methods for three dimensional printing are as follows.

  • Fused deposition
  • Selective laser sintering
  • Stereolithography

All users of the most modern 3D printer and leading 3D printing services these days get a notable enhancement in their business. They feel comfortable and happy to create new designs and plan the best prototypes as per their business requirements.

Make use of 3D printing solutions

Some beginners to the 3D printing these days get confused with how to decide on the right material among loads of 3D printing materials available on the market. If they discuss with specialists in this leading industry, then they can get the absolute support for exploring the most recommended 3D printing materials.

Expertise and commercial knowledge play the most important roles behind the overall quality of 3D printing services at this time. It is the right time to focus on advanced features of affordable 3D printer and professional elements of 3D printing services.  You can design the most innovative yet useful product from scratch by using the most special 3D printing solution.




Bottled Water Delivery – 5 Tips for Going Green with Convenient Pure Water


Bottled water delivery services have to pass through a number of mandates to ensure that their purification processes are safe and reliable. They are also ruled by various environment protection laws so that minimum damage is met to the environment. Considering all these factors, the use of bottled water can be a step closer to protecting the environment. Water delivery Auckland takes care so as to use only the environment-friendly processes and products in their service and also urges the consumers to the same. Listed below are 5 tips for going green with convenient pure water.

  1. Getting deliveries from the nearest supplier

You can either choose to get your supplies from a national or a local delivery service. Since the cost of transportation adds up to the overall cost, dealing with local suppliers may be far cheaper. It also reduces the negative environmental impacts contributed through the use of heavy-duty vehicles for transportation. Local suppliers are also usually more transparent about their treatment processes so you can have an assurance of safety and quality. You will have a complete idea about how eco-friendly your delivery service is so that you can choose your supplier accordingly.

  1. Getting direct home delivery

Water delivery Auckland provides deliveries right to your doorstep. Depending on your requirements, you can go for bottles of three or five gallons. This way you will be receiving your deliveries and returning the bottles for reuse once it is emptied out. Even the empty bottle pickups are not much of a hassle, all you need to do is give a call to Water delivery Auckland and they will arrive immediately right at your doorstep. This is much more sustainable as compared to buying single-serve bottles of mineral water bottles.

  1. Do not always go for the bigger suppliers

The main point out here is that as a company gets bigger and bigger, they tend to get more profit oriented. In the process, environmental concerns tend to get overlooked. Bigger suppliers may also not be flexible enough when it comes to the changing demand patterns. Smaller suppliers, on the other hand, are much easier to deal with. You can call them up anytime and have your demands altered so as to meet only the current requirements. This can go a long way in minimizing waste production and promoting sustainable consumption.

  1. Use help lines

With the introduction of customer friendly helpline service, customers can approach their service providers anytime. Water delivery Auckland ha a great reputation for immediate responses and deliveries. This way, you will not have to go through any manual effort or inconveniences. You can receive your supplies without wasting much of your resources.

  1. Eco-friendly bottles and accessories

If you are getting water delivered to your house, it is also important to consider the quality of the bottles that are being used. Since these are usually made of plastic, it becomes a responsibility to make sure that the plastic used is recyclable and durable. Water delivery Auckland uses degradable plastic which is also free of harmful chemicals. This little difference can go a long way in minimizing environmental damage.

The most special features of affordable outdoor furniture items


Many homeowners these days focus on the latest designs of outdoor furniture items in detail. They have an objective to invest in the best suitable furniture. They can decide on their budget for outdoor furniture shopping when they understand their requirements about the home improvement and the overall lifestyle of everyone in the family.

Attention-grabbing features of Outdoor furniture Auckland online encourage you prefer and purchase the most exclusive furniture items within your budget. You have to be conscious about the overall plan about the decoration of outdoor and the size of the patio. This is because you have to decide on the right outdoor furniture and invest in it without a doubt and difficulty in any aspect.

An exciting outdoor living     

People of every age group in our time have lots of expectations about how to spend their free time with beloved family members and friends. They are willing to get in touch with the nature and keep away from the stressful lifestyle. They can choose and buy out of the ordinary designs of outdoor furniture items according to their wishes about the pleasant appearance of the garden.

There are many materials of outdoor furniture items at this time. You have to decide on the material of this genre of furniture before focusing on other features. Metal and Plastic outdoor furniture items are recommended mostly by experts in Outdoor furniture Auckland, New Zealand. You may feel much difficulty to choose the furniture almost immediately. This is because loads of designs of outdoor furniture available in well-known online furniture shops.

Make an informed decision

Every person has lots of distinctive expectations about the overall design of the outdoor furniture item. They have planned to buy brand new outdoor furniture after a complete analysis of every feature of this furniture.  This is because they have geared up to get the utmost comfort and take pleasure in their free time without difficulty.

Many residents in Auckland these days understand that buying an ideal outdoor furniture item online is a long term investment used to enhance the overall attractiveness of the outdoor environment. They have to bear in mind that planning is the key behind the overall success of the furniture shopping online.

The best in class outdoor furniture items fulfil overall desires regarding the open air living room, playroom and dining room of everyone at this time. You can make a good decision now about the outdoor furniture shopping.

Health risks of meth contamination

Have you moved to a new house, but really don’t feel well? Do you feel sick all the time you are at home or sometimes, even when you are outdoors? The thought might have crossed your mind that it may happen to be a sick house. But is it another ordinary sick house that is affected by mold, damp, bad lighting, etc. or is there something else at play – something more serious? The thought, too, is sickening enough!

But this isn’t some paranoia and don’t let people make you believe that you are over-cautious. There, indeed, may be something much more harmful than mold or moisture that’s affecting you and your family and given the recent situation, chances are that you are faced with meth contamination.

Meth – in your house?

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about meth or any other drug is how is it possible that your house is contaminated with it? You don’t smoke, nor do the other family members. But what you forget that someone else lived in the house before you, unless of course, you buy a brand new property. It could be any of the earlier tenants or owners who smoked or manufactured meth and that stayed in the property, coming back to haunt you as you live there.

Believe it or not, meth can indeed contaminate a property very badly, depending on how much meth was smoked or prepared and for how long and studies have found that most houses that were reported of meth contamination had meth and other harmful substances several times more than the level permitted by the local or national health authorities and dwelling in such houses can pose serious health risks, both short-term, and long-term.

Concerns that you may face

If you are an adult, the effect of meth will be slow on you and will generally start with nausea, irritation in the eye, headaches, etc. With more time, you start experiencing problems like itching on the skin and in the throat, short breaths, asthmatic feeling, appetite loss, concentration issues, dry eyes, sinus, paranoia, cold, nervousness, anxiety and a lot more. The vapors of meth concentrated on furnishings, furniture, etc. may get into your lungs and start affecting them. You will feel sick and unable to carry out your daily duties all the time.

If you have kids in your family, remember that they are more vulnerable. The younger they are, the more affected will they be.  Babies who often roll or crawl on the floor are sure to gather more of methamphetamine than others. Behavioral changes as well as inability to sleep well are the most common symptoms in children. Children may also face problems like loss of attention, anxiousness, etc. if continuously exposed to meth. In fact, doctors believe that children living in meth-contaminated houses face equal risks as those consuming meth directly.

Moreover, meth from your surroundings gradually get into your system and long exposures to meth contamination will end you up testing positive for methamphetamine, the consequences of which aren’t often pleasant.